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Developing software, Mobile apps and Websites : is simply our passion.

We develop software and stunning mobile apps because we are team of Geeks, and full of energy developers. Whether your app is something we have already done for other customers, or you come up with a totally new technical or functional requirements, we will strive to get the job done on time and within your budget.We truly care about your business as much as you do, that is why we offer support even after development and delivery.  You can count on us.

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Endless Possibilities: We explore and go beyond the limits of what is offered by frameworks

When our customer requests us to have the best performance, the most attractive design, the most complete set of functionalities, well … that is not something that anyone can achieve with searching what is offered out there by communities.

Very Large Set of Technologies  Frameworks and tools

Within OpenEyes, we have made the choice to offer multiple skill-set to be able to respond for all of our customers needs.

Mobile development

Need a dedicated application? We can design and build custom native, web, or hybrid Mobile apps that fit many diverse business needs. The choice between going native or hybrid is not always easy to make, that’s why we assist our customers in accordance with their graphical/functional needs.

.NET development

.NET is without any doubt one among the Frameworks most used when it comes to business and enterprise. OpenEyes has a dedicated unit for .net development, with multiple major projects, and products with success stories.

Web development

Web technologies has evolved rapidly these years. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are among languages we have offered before even the finalization of new HTML specification. We believe that Web today is offering that exceptional experience because of developers sitting before their laptops for hours and hours …

Responsive Design

Intuitively scaling a website across mobile, tablet, and desktop is essential to ensure that all users have the best experience. With more and more internet users from their SmartPhone and tablet, ignoring mobile platforms is no more an option for people how care really about their business.

Java/JEE consulting

Some of our customers rely on us for recruiting and mounting teams around Java technologies, to be able to develop and maintain their products. We was able to come with talented people for developing very complex solutions, based on the all new techs around JEE like Liferay/Alfresco/BonitaSoft BPM and Talend ESB.

Zend/Symfony and php

With php, Zend and Symfony, we have necessary tools to develop complex solutions, while being maintainable. Using powerful frameworks like these helps us reduce development and integration time and not to re-create the wheel. You will see applications being completed faster and thus reducing the needed time and naturally the budget.

WordPress integration/development

Wordpress is one of the most flexible CMS of market. With plenty of free and paid plugins, and templates, it is easy to integrate a fully responsive web site within hours. Going beyond the basic possibilities requires advanced development skills, and that’s where OpenEyes will bring all his Know-How to customize plugins or even develop plugins from scratch, to satisfy your business specific requirements.

Magento development and integration

Having a solid digital strategy is mandatory for businesses that want to sell through internet. Magento is one among eCommerce CMSs that offer a full-features, all-in-one platform. We integrate eCommerce shops based on magento and we offer to our customers support for growing their business when the number of users (potential buyers) grows, by monitoring, optimizing the availability, updating and with specific development when they need.

Nearshore dedicated team

To ensure competitive advantages comparing to other actors on your sectors you constantly looking for ways to:
Enhance the capacity to meet the functional needs, increasingly complex
Have a R&D team that fits these needs, and this by paying attention to costs that may explode
Have a variety of technologies in your toolboxes. Ok that is exactly what we offer.

React Native

React Native promises a whole new way of developing native Android and iOS applications, using (primarily) a single codebase based on the React framework for web. The idea is to write your core application in JavaScript and React Native will compile native iOS and Android applications.

Angular JS

Learn one way to build applications with Angular and reuse your code and abilities to build apps for any deployment target. For web, mobile web, native mobile and native desktop.

Those Are Just A Few Main Services, There Are Plenty More

  • Requirements analysis

  • Free Quotes

  • Specification Writing support

  • Scrum and Agile teams

  • Project continuous monitoring

  • Testing and Q/A

  • Support after delivery, and on production

  • Graphical design

  • Competitive rates

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We are fully dedicated to customer base. When you ask us to help you on your upcoming projects, there is no need to worry about quality and details oriented work we deliver.

“Excellent work, excellent quality.”

“We worked together with OpenEyes on crucial project for our business.We faced the problem of recruiting high-level people with specific skill-set and OpenEyes helped us rapidly. Thank you so much !” – Christophe J. DigiPerf

We worked on our website development and integration, to make it responsive and 100% compatible with tablet and SmartPhone. OpenEyes has done it’s job correctly and within budget, Thanks and keep going on !
Jérôme G., PerfPartner
For one among our clients in Switzerland, we had very urgent need for Drupal developers, to continue on project,which our client has started with other company (but they were not able to complete work). OpenEyes was able to take the control and to complete the project, Thanks!
François C., PluginWeb
When we contacted OpenEyes at the beginning, we was not very assured because the project was very complicated, and the challenges was so high. OpenEyes investigated all possibilities offered natively by system, and came up with amazing solution for us !
Christophe P., Andrea Cons & Co
Working with Amine, Ahmed and the team was a great experience, but apart business and work, visiting Tunisia was also an amazing trip. To summarize : OpenEyes: Assiduity, Spirit and Efficiency !
Sandro B., SolarTakeOff

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